About us

Built 2 Grind, also known as B2G is Athleisure Wear (hybrid style athletic wear worn daily). B2G's meaning is a powerful motivator for those who have goals and dreams in life and refuse to give up. Life is full of challenges, but B2G encourages everyone to keep your mindset intact and grind out the difficult circumstances that we face on a daily.

Founded by President and founder DL (Drew Lago) in 2010, B2G gained popularity in 2012 when the iconic logo was put on a hoodie and sold over 350 sweaters in just three months by word of mouth. Today, the headquarters of Built 2 Grind is located in Los Angeles, California, where the brand continues to inspire and collaborate with all GRINDERS.

Whether you're grinding in the gym, in a recording studio, in school, or just in life in general, B2G is here to team up with those who have big dreams and goals. The brand showcases that anything is possible as long as you have Non-stop Determination and are committed to Getting Results Is Non-stop Determination (G.R.I.N.D).

Join the B2G movement today and become a part of a community that pushes you to reach your full potential, no matter what obstacles you face. Let's grind together and show the world that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to!